Morgan Lucas,

Who I Am

Author of; A blog that showcases my skills while receiving worldwide attention and awards after graduating in 2016 with a degree in Network Infrastructure.

A person with an appreciation for not taking the traditional path into a 40 hour work week, collaboration with others, meeting new people 🤝🏽 Won awards and featured all sorts of places.

A self-learner: Azure, UI/UX, email marketing, programming.
Client testimonials are on my LinkedIn.

Specializing In


About tech; E-mail marketing, instructions, walkthroughs, and of course, blogging. All with humor and informative style. I'm Also On Medium

Sometimes, you don't know things can work better, because you're not the end user. I know, and I can let you know.


Azure Cloud, Cisco, Juniper, Remote Support, and Programming. Also a Tableau enthusiast.📊 Check some examples below.

a cute animal crossing villager that's me


These are things I've done just for fun, or after being chosen by a company for work as a trusted outsourced employee to major companies.

There are far more @

'the 174 movies of morgan ft. tableau and letterboxd win a prize'

Movie Stats ft. Tableau

Data? Movies? Awesome..

Tech Consulting Virtual Internship

What solutions can I use for this issue?

Build A Business in Azure

Nothing wrong with using a tutorial. It's how the greats do it. & I like the effect of a partial boder. That's no accident.

Cisco Capture the Flag (Meraki)

A non-linear path in tech means trying many different things. API gathering. Postman. I know of them.

Consulting for A Streaming Service

"We saw your work; Can you tell us your experience with our product?"

Getting Started With Ansible

Using Cisco DevNet!

Blue paint background; 'JunOS'

In The Juniper JunOS CLI

You've heard of Cisco, now here comes Juniper.

They've been around for awhile.

Animals behind text ' Tourism Slideshow Website'

Making a Tourism Slideshow with HTML and CSS

In case you didn't click the link in the 'front end programming' section.

rainbow smoke 'firewalls'

ipTables - Firewalls for Linux

Keep your heart and your tech open source, not your ports or your networks.

LinkedIn Testimonials

         As a UX/UI research consultant Morgan's skills and attention to detail are a breath of fresh air! Her actionable insights and recommendations are invaluable, especially for early stage tech products and websites.
Morgan has been a crucial part of Bridges in Tech team. She crafted easy to read engaging emails every week unfailingly. She pays close attention to details and never missed a deadline. She finds creative ways to solve problems. It’s been a pleasure working with her, and I’m sure anyone that works with her will be lucky to have her.
What you're here for


Casual Tech Writing: There's no need for industry-specific jargon when speaking to the masses. Tech is for everybody, and let's make sure everybody understands it. I'm here to write about text in a casual way. Also can do e-mail marketing.

UX Auditing: Most People Give Up. See an error on a page? They leave the page. They don't click through. They don't buy.
You don't get a customer.
I go deeper. I let you know. I show you videos. I look at console logs. I did not intend this to be a free-word poem.
Your engineers are busy working on the back-end.
I give the real user experience so you can get the real value.

IT Operations Tech: "Why can't I reach the internet?" I'll find out! (It's probably DNS, let's be real.)

Documentation, technical written training, support for endpoints, printers, mobile devices, break/fix troubleshooting, for both Windows and Macs. Mail, Docs, Calendar, and Drive, first line troubleshooting for technical and non-technical staff.

Web Support: HTML, CSS, maybe a bit of Javascript - I'll look at your webpages and offer suggestions, maybe even do a live change with the Inspect Element tool.

Centering a Div? Good luck.

More Services 😄